Skipton Puppet Festival

Way back in May we were told about the International Puppet Festival to take place at the end of

Well we have done all sorts recently so we decided to have ago. We have a great craft/art
instructor she agreed to help and it all started.

The theme was fish so for the next few weeks in fact two and a half months our members worked very
hard making two very large fish. Others colouring in small printed fish that could be attached to the big
ones as though they were swimming in the sea.

Have a look at the photo's to see how it all came together. Our then members had to practice carrying
them in the hall to get ready for the big day.

Then it all happened on Sunday 1st October we met at Ermysteds Grammar School and the procession
set off. Look at the video of the start and the photo's of the parade.What a great day we all had
everyone should be proud of themselves for being there and making it a great success.